Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan

Dream Beach is the most popular stretch of sand on the island of Nusa Lembongan. The small bay is enclosed by cliffs on either side and the crystal clear water exposes a nice reef below the surface. Bars and hotels line the beach in what has become a very touristy location. However, it is still worth visiting Dream Beach on Nusa Lembongan, especially with the tips inside this blog post.


Bali to Nusa Lembongan Day Trip – Luxury Catamaran Cruise

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How to get to Nusa Lembongan

The ferry leaves multiple times per day from Sanur (east Bali) If you book it in advance often you can have your pick-up from the hotel included. To book it online in advance for the guaranteed lowest price you can click the link below to reserve your ticket.

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Dream Beach

When you arrive at the car park at Dream Beach you may be a little put-off. Buses full of tourists are coming and going all day. Unfortunately, the beach can often be quite crowded. However, most of the tourists don’t even go down to the beach. Instead, they line up in the same spot on the cliff and take one photo each before moving across to Devil’s Tears, which is another popular tourist attraction nearby.

So how do you enjoy Dream Beach even now that it has become a bit of a tourist hotspot?

  • Arrive early in the morning. Tourists generally don’t get out and about until after their hotel breakfast. Before 10 am this beach is much quieter you can explore the bay at your leisure.
  • Venture down the side of the bay. There is one spot that all the tourists seem to love. the part of the coastline in between Devil’s Tears and Dream Beach is a cool little area to explore. Venture along the coast for a couple of minutes and you will find lots of awesome little rocky outcrops for chills and for photos. We even discovered a few spots with deep water below and managed to get some cliff jumping in!
  • Explore the caves near the shore. Along the left-hand side of the bay are some cool little caves worth exploring.
  • After enjoying the beach there is a nice bar that overlooks the beach. The drinks are pricey but for the view, it’s worth ordering a beer and kicking back to enjoy Dream Beach for what it is.

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Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan

Exploring the coastline

Dream Beach Cliff Jumping

When facing out to the ocean from the shore the right-hand side of the bay has a long rocky coastline stretching several hundred meters. If you wander out 2/3 of the way along the coast you will find a bit of a clearing. On a calm day, you can see the water is quite deep here. We climbed down and did a depth check and found a few deep spots. Once I had given it the all-clear as being safe. Things change underwater daily. Reef shifts, rocks move. Make sure you always do your own checks and don’t blindly follow what you read online.

There was a nice jump about 5-meters high with Dream Beach perfectly in the background. The scramble out wasn’t the safest exit ever with waves crashing into the rocks. You will need to wear shoes or reef shoes to help you climb out as the rocks are quite sharp. Other than the rocks and the necessary depth check it’s quite a fun cliff jump spot and will never be crowded… probably ever.

I wrote a guide for The 10 Best Bali Cliff Jumping Spots

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan Cliff Jumping

Dream Beach Huts

The number one accommodation at Dream Beach on Nusa Lembongan is the Dream Beach Huts.  These straw thatch bungalows are the ultimate getaway for your stay on Nusa Lembongan. The highlight of the accommodation is the infinity pool that overlooks Dream Beach. You pretty much have the beach as your front garden!

Check rates and availability: Dream Beach Huts


Swara Homestay 2 – Budget: On my first trip to Nusa Lembongan we stayed at Swara Homestay 2, which set us back $10 a night for a private room with a bathroom. It was incredibly basic but we weren’t there to enjoy a fancy room so it worked for us. It was a great base for our adventures as we got stuck into all of the things to do on Nusa Lembongan. Along the beachfront, there are plenty of fancy resorts if you have the cash to splash but you can get a private room with everything you need for under $20 a night with no problems.

Check rates and availability: Swara Homestay 2


Sukanusa Luxury Huts – Value/My Favorite: These beautiful huts are what a Nusa Lembongan getaway is all about.  I think the most important part of accommodation is the view or how unique it is.  These huts are the ultimate getaway and although they seriously are a mix of island life and luxury. Definitely check these out before you book a luxury hotel for hundreds of dollars.

Check rates and availability: Sukanusa Luxury Huts


Tamarind Resort – Luxury: The second time I stayed on Nusa Lembongan was with my Nusa Islands Blogger Workshop. It was an upgrade from Swara Homestay 2! We stayed at the fancy Tamarind Resort, which was an insane property. It was a paradise hideaway with an awesome restaurant, gym, several infinity pools, and sunset views. If you are looking for an epic place to stay on Lembongan I would definitely recommend the Tamarind Resort!

Check rates and availability: Tamarind Resort

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